Attempts by tugs to tow and salvage the burning MS Skaubryn

Salvage attempt on 1st April 1958. Deployed in search for MS SKAUBRYN.
2nd April - Mercantile ship found deserted and taken in tow.
(Note: 1,288 passengers and crew were rescued on 31st March by SS CITY OF SYDNEY
3rd April - ship abandoned).
4th April - Tow handed over to Dutch tug CYCLOOP.

Note: MS SKAUBRYN foundered during tow on 6th April. - - No salvage awards were made.

HMS LOCH FADA, April 1958
During passage to East Africa, HMS LOCH FADA was diverted to search for the Norwegian ship SKAUBRYN reported to be on fire in the Indian Ocean on 31 March 1958.
The merchant / migrant ship had been taking 1288 German emigrants to Australia.
As a result of an uncontrollable fire in her engine room she had been abandoned and the survivors were rescued by the British ship CITY OF SYDNEY.
After an extensive search LOCH FADA put a boarding party onto the abandoned vessel.
They found extensive damage with partially gutting of several compartments.
A tow was established and the two ships proceeded towards Aden.
During this passage the Dutch tug CYCLOOP arrived and took over responsibility.
Alas SKAUBRYN foundered in tow, 400 miles east of Aden and therefore, no salvage payments were made.

The Dutch ship salvage tug CYCLOOPS
Tug "Cycloop" -- Engine: 1200 hp -- 232 tonnes -- Speed: 12 knots
Built in 1953 @ Foxhol

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